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Rockin’ All Night with Aishite Night

Some time around Christmas, while I was browsing TV Tropes, I remember stumbling upon Aishite Night (愛してナイト and it’s sometimes romanised as Aishite Knight, but I can write an entire essay as to why I don’t think it should be).

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 18.59.54.png

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of it but, if you happened to grow up in continental Europe during the late 80s and early 90s, you may have heard of it under a name like “Rock’n Roll Kids“, “Lucile, Amour et Rock’n Roll” and “Kiss Me Licia“, among many others. I’m told that it was even popular enough in Italy to get a 145 episode long live-action drama (I feel like I might have to check that out at some point).

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The Worst Thing Ever

A couple days ago, a friend of mine send me an almost incomprehensible message about something called ‘zanen naga-something’. A quick search told me it was a shoujo manga so I kind of assumed they wanted me to read it?

I will never assume such a thing again.

Zannen nagara Chigaimasu is the worst manga I have ever laid eyes upon. Heck, it’s so bad it doesn’t even deserve to be called a piece literature.

To save you the suffering of reading, I summarized it:

A man randomly takes a high school girl he sees on the escalator to Starbuck and then asks to sleep with her, to which she agrees (wtf?) but they have to get married first since he doesn’t break the law (check Japanese marriage & consent laws). The story ends with them filling out the marriage registration form in his apartment.

That’s it. No parts omitted or skipped over. It just ends there like it’s happily every after.

These characters have no personalities and the story, quite evidently, may as well be non-existent. I bet I could probably just summarise in in three pages:

The art is.. so so, I guess? (maybe that’s a bit generous…)

Despite that, I guess you won’t be surprised to know that I wouldn’t even give this a 1 out of 10 (and I still think it’s a bit generous).

Please excuse me while I try to erase this abomination from my mind…

Shoujo Ramen

This is an introductory post and also my first blog post (as far as you’re concerned).

This blog will be dedicated to the things I like, which mainly consists of anime, manga, video games and maybe even food and other things I happen to enjoy or find interesting.

You should probably be able to tell by now that the name of this blog, Shoujo Ramen, originates from two thing I enjoy dearly; shoujo manga and ramen (the real stuff, not the instant one).

I hope this blog can actually be interesting…