Ramen Review: Nongshim Shin Gourmet Spicy

I know I’ve given you radio silence for the last four months(?) but today’s post won’t be where I’ve explain myself. If you want to know where I’ve been, you’re going to have to hand on a little bit longer (I’ve been away so long, what’s another day?)

Today, I’ll be reviewing one of the many instant ramens I’ve recently managed to acquire from the world foods isle of this enormous supermarket that happens to be pretty much opposite my nearest Ikea.

Anyway, on today’s menu is Nongshim’s Shin Noodle Soup Gourmet SPICY (or at least, that’s the name I can gleam from the packaging). As far as I know, this particular variety comes in both pot and brick(?) form. I’m assuming they’re the same, but for reference, I had the pot version because it was cheaper.

So, right of the bat, I was pretty hesitant to touch it, since I’m not the world’s biggest fan of spicy food (anything about a medium at Nando’s will have me buying an entire platter for myself if I have to) and the labelling makes it very clear that this ramen is ‘Gourmet SPICY’ (whatever, that means).

Once I found some food prep gloves, I proceeded to follow the sparce instructions: Empty included sachet on top of noodles, fill with water up to inside mark, microwave for 5 1/2 minutes.

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I’ll admit that the colour and smell of the soup was looking pretty scary, so I poured myself a pint of milk, since it looked like I’d be needing it.

Cautiously, with myhands shaking, I took a small mouthful of the bright red concoction. To my surprise it wasn’t really that…wait a minute…hot, HOT!┬áThe noodles were accompanied by half my glass of milk.

Related image

The only measure of hotness where I live.

It’s not the kind of hot that suddenly hits you in the face after lying dormant for a few seconds, but the rarer kind that slowly crawls all over your tongue and the only way to quench it is to down all 568 mililitres of your pint of milk every three mouthfuls or just keep on eating like an insane masochist who doesn’t mind if their tongue falls off.

That being said, I wouldn’t rank it higher than ‘hot’ on the Nando’s Peri-ometer. Nothing a lot of mayonaise can’t handle. As for taste other that spicyness, I’m going to be totally honest and say it was somewhat lacking. I’ll eat the other one remaining in my cupboard, but I won’t go out of my way to find it again any time soon.

In a nutshell: Spicy but not much else.

So, what do you think? Something simple to get me back into writing more frequently. A post explaining my long absense is to come (hopefully sooner than it took this post to reach you), but for now, I guess I’ll be taking requests for instant ramen and this season’s anime (as in winter 2018) that I should totally watch before next season.


4 thoughts on “Ramen Review: Nongshim Shin Gourmet Spicy

    1. AJ Post author

      There are a few Nongshim things that I know I already enjoy (like their shrimp crackers) but I’ve only ever had one or two of their instant ramens in the past

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