Review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I’m sure you’re surprised that I’m not doing a new-season-first-impressions-whatever but I’m saving that for next week when I’ve actually seen everything I’m planning on at least trying this season.

Anyway, you people on Twitter already know of my annoyance last weekend when I was accused of being under 15 (for the first time in my life) but a couple days ago I finally got to see the sequel to my favourite spy movie.


I was mildly disappointed yet pleasantly surprised for a number of reasons…

C821FLet’s start off with my main gripe that I’ve been thrashing around since the first poster came out: the resurrection of Eggsy’s mentor Harry Hart. When a character gets shot in the face, resurrecting them would be a little problematic, if not completely impossible, hence my skepticism that it was just so that they could plaster Colin Firth’s face all over the Asian release posters like they did last time (see left)

Even if that were the reason, I admit that the in-plot excuse and the character’s addition to the progression of the plot itself were fair enough and well executed enough for me to even forget that I even had a problem with it in the first place.

Speaking of plot, it was your classic ‘bad guy wants to wipe out the world so you have to find out their plan and stop them’ which kicks off with our villain blowing up all Kingsman bases. Won’t spoil it for you, but as cliché as it was, it wasn’t trying to be super original anyway, so it gets a pass (although you didn’t have to kill off the best characters). I am docking marks for the reason that I was able to predict everything that happened in the final confrontation, though. By the way, anyone who wants to see this film because Channing Tatum’s in it, you’ll be sorely disappointed by his character’s unfortunately short screen time. It was a bit of a waste of a decent character that we didn’t see more of him.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 19.51.44.png

Soundtrack and fight scene choreography were on point, as expected. Not much else to say other than that I hope the next volume of RWBY has fight scenes this fun…

Now on to the disappointing part. What made the first Kingsman so great was the pure, blatant parody of every cliché known to the spy genre. Unfortunately, they decided to keep the comedy down to a minimum (unless you can count throwing a man in a mincer) and go for a more serious tone, which is a bit weird, especially given the humour born from Eggsy’s character alone.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 19.49.18.png

Enough of this, before it turns into even more of a rambling, nonsensical rant.

In a nutshell: “Don’t do drugs, kids.” / 10

Did I enjoy it? Yeah.
Is it as good as (if not better than) the original? Ehhh…not really…
Would I recommend? Definitely (if you like this sort of thing)

Kingsman is out in cinemas right now, but don’t forget your passport and/or driver’s license (yes, I’m still salty about them thinking I was 14 or under)!

Yes, I know I’m late with my post but at least I remembered, right?

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2 thoughts on “Review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    1. AJ Post author

      When I found out that I’d spent nearly two and a half hours in the cinema screen, I was surprised that I had been able to pay attention for that long. But then again I have a terrible concept of time when watching things or playing video games.



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