My Obsession With Secondary Ships

This is actually the answer I promised on Day 16 of my 30 Day Anime Challenge where I actually couldn’t tell you my ultimate, one and only,  One True Pairing. Since then I have thought about this at great length and after hundreds of shredded post-it notes and intense arguments with myself, I have finally decided upon a winner…


Ban and Elaine (from The Seven Deadly Sins) have one of the most tragic yet beautiful stories I have ever known. I’m no a fan of tragedy, but I still love this ship more than even the likes of Royai and Shinkane. I don’t know what it is that I love so much about these two, but I do know that without them, I probably wouldn’t have continued watching the Seven Deadly Sins to the end and even be excited about the next season (I still haven’t gotten round to getting up to date with the manga but I’ve heard that something good happens).

But all that thinking also made me come to a (slightly unrelated) conclusion about my OTP preferences…


Shirayuki and Zen are probably sweet enough to give you diabetes, but it’s not my main OTP for the series.

I know, shocking.

shirazenFor some reason, I always find myself rooting for those two supporting characters more than the main ones. Especially if you’ve read the most recent chapters of Akagami no Shirayukihime, you’ll know that at this point, there’s no disputing the Kiki x Mitsuhide ship but I’ve been shipping them since before the anime even came out.

It isn’t just with Akagami no Shirayukihime but almost anything with secondary ships or where romance isn’t even a man focus of the plot. It’s almost creepy that I care so much more about some characters that don’t get anywhere near as much screen time as the main characters.

Heck, I’m still reading this josei manga about a creepy obsessive monk (seriously mate, just leave her alone) just because I really like the dynamic between two of the heroine’s coworkers in a subplot that gets about one page of development every 10 years.

I don’t know if other people do this but I still think it’s kind of weird…



4 thoughts on “My Obsession With Secondary Ships

  1. yamn28

    If find that sometimes even when I don’t care for the main character and their stories I can usually find a side character or two that might make me stick around. Unfortunately, it can actually make me even more frustrated when the creators don’t give the more interesting characters development or screantime… Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

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  2. Karandi

    Mitsuhide and Kiki are adorable though. I love Zen and Shirayuki but the side characters are what help flesh the show out and I think it is the limited screen time they get that makes them so fascinating as you just want to learn more about them.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. KliScruggs

    I love SWWRH, and Shirayuki/Zen were so cute. But honestly the show’s slow burn was, at times, too much. Half the time I was sighing, the other half I was like raving because after this intense thing, CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE A MOVE. It was excruciatingly slow. Kiki and Matsuhide were really adorable though! And in the end I had a positive experience, but I just wish we had more of their relationship where they were actually together.



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