Day 26: Coolest Attack (names)

See my full 30 Day Anime Challenge here.

Atsushi: Ok, let’s go with…Something-or-Other Storm!
En: Random Splash!
Io: Added Margin Bomber!
Ryuu: I Am Awesome Fire!
Yumoto: Okay, let’s go! Something-or-Other-
Wombat: Pardon me. Could you all please stop calling out random attack names?

You just gotta love the attack names in the first episode of Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!

I know that it’s just parodying the action anime where they call their attacks but ‘Random Splash‘ and ‘I Am Awesome Fire‘ aren’t exactly awe-inspiring names, especially taking into account the fact that they’re a bunch of high school boys dressed like some “third-rate idol group”.


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