Day 18: Saddest Scene

See my full 30 Day Anime Challenge here.

Sure I’ve seen Clannad, Angel Beats and the like but I try to steer well clear of tragedy. I just don’t see any entertainment in watching the creators kill off characters beloved by the viewers or giving them tragic backstories just so that they can reduce the audience to a pool of tears.

For me personally, I find the ending to a good show sadder than anything else. I mean, that final episode of Ouran had me in tears for almost a week and don’t even get me started on the feels in the last episode of Binan‘s first season. Saying goodbye to amazing characters belonging to an incredible plot that you’ve been carfully watching over for the past 13 to 25 weeks is probably one of the most painful things I go through regularly. Sometimes I just can’t bear to let go.

But, I will point out the scene in Nanatsu no Taizai where Ban gains immortality. That was pretty depressing, though I think it’s mainly because I ship Ban and Elaine and not allowing such a cute ship to be together should be a crime punishable by a fate worse than death…


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