Day 11: Favourite Villain

It has to be L (from Death Note). Unlike other villains I can sympathise with, I could just never  bring myself to hate him. I guess it’s because of the nature of Death Note itself since L is more of an anti-villain. If L was the main character, I don’t think the audience  would have even vaguely been able to support Light’s inital ideas as much as most of us did. But, anyway, I digress.


3 thoughts on “Day 11: Favourite Villain

  1. The Otaku Judge

    L is a great character. Not sure I would class him as a villain, even if he is the rival of the main character. Death Note is one of those weird shows were the protagonist is also the antagonist.


    1. shoujoramen Post author

      I see Light as an anti-hero (well, forthe first half of the story at least) and so, as his antagonist, L is, would therefore be an anti-villain at the very least, which, although not a full-fledged villain, is good enough for him to be my favourite. Even so, I do understand that my reasoning is kind of pushing it…

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