Day 7: The Worst Anime I’ve Ever Watched

See my full 30 Day Anime Challenge here.

I won’t included any anime I didn’t even get half-way through because I’d be stitting here all day trying to pick from a bunch of  crappy ‘Magic High School Battle Harems’.

I never knew could want to break my TV so badly until I watch Big Order. What started off as a promising shounen anime with a hint of parody,  quickly spiralled out of control, turning into an ridiculous, confusing, disgustingly incestuous and horrifically written piece of work that should be ashamed to exist. I will never forgive myself for watching all 10 episodes of this nightmare with a pathetic excuse of a plot.


One thought on “Day 7: The Worst Anime I’ve Ever Watched

  1. Karandi

    The first episode of this (while there were issues) certainly gave us a lot of hope that this could be a really interesting and engaging series and then it proceeded to destroy any hope of that over the next 2 episodes and never recovered. Actually it continued to get worse. And worse. And just when you thought you had hit bottom it got worse. Wow, 10 episodes of this was way too many.

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