Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice: First Impressions

This was going to be a review but because of insane amounts of work, I’ve only managed to complete case 2 so far.

I’ve been waiting for the sixth instalment in the Ace Attorney series from the moment I completed Dual Destinies back in 2013 so yes, I was sad enough to sit down in front of my  3DS, constantly refreshing the Nintendo eShop for 3 hours last Thursday.


Anyway, on to the game.

The first thing that hit me was the slight tweaking of the 3D models to make them look more like their sprites from the DS games which is a pretty nice touch.


It’s also great to see that, instead of solely relying on 2D animated cutscenes, they’ve  successfully (in my opinion) managed to incorporate 3D cutscenes as well.


And I of course, can’t forget to mention the soundtrack that makes me jump from my seat, scream “OBJECTION!” and then proceed to pump my fists and/or hi-five any passersby (I think I have too much fun when playing this).


I’m not too sure if I like the new prosecutor guy (I mean HOW DARE HE THINK THAT TRUCY COULD BE A MURDERER???) but at least it looks like they’ve finally gotten round to developing Apollo’s character.


I’m looking forward to that spare moment to start case 3…

In a nutshell: Ace Attorney (what else can I say?)


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