The Hell of UCAS (Applying to Uni in the UK) Part 3: Applying to Uni (UCAS)

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The final part starts down below.

ucas website

This is the bit that’s ACTUALLY confusing. At the end of Lower Sixth (or beginning of Upper Sixth), your school will make you set up an account with UCAS, the (arguably) terrible university application system that every university makes you apply through, even though it’s terrible. But first, I’ll explain the other components.

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The Hell of UCAS (applying to Uni in the UK) Part 2: College and A-Levels

So I’m back, as promised, to start talking about the stuff that actually matters when applying to uni.

To read the previous part about GCSEs, click here.

Your last two years of school (should you choose to stay, rather than go into an apprenticeship) are known as College or (for historical reasons) Sixth form; Year 12 (11th grade) being Lower Sixth and Year 13 (12th grade) being Upper Sixth. Most people use these names interchangeably, so I probably will as well. You’ve been warned.

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The Hell of UCAS (applying to Uni in the UK) Part 1: GCSEs

Any of my friends know that I pretty exclusively complain about Maths and Physics work like they’re the only things I do with myself. Well, with the exception of Chemistry, that is all I do at school.

Most of my foreign friends seem to be slightly confused by the fact that I only do four subjects (Maths, Futher Maths, Physics and Chemisty) and they get even more confused when I say that two of my subjects are Maths. I mean, I don’t even like numbers that much…

The UK education systems (there’s more than one. don’t ask) are a bit of a mess, but as I start my final year at school, I thought I’d have a go at explaining at least the parts that I have to deal with while procrastinating on my personal statement.

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5 Things You Should Do in Kansai!

If any of you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that (quite a while ago now…) I was in the Kansai area for a school trip, of sorts.

Kansai? Isn’t that that weird accent villains in Japanese kids’ shows speak in? Yes, you are (partially) correct when you say that. The accent itself is named after the region in Japan. For context, that region is the south/west side of the country’s main island with major cities including Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. Unfortunately this place tends to get overlooked because, quite simply, it’s not Tokyo.

It’s a bit of a shame really, because there really are some gems in this part of the country. Missing it out is like visiting the UK but refusing to go anywhere other than Zone 1 on the London tube map.

I decided to make this list when a friend of mine said that she said she didn’t want to come because she had more interest in going to “places around Tokyo” like Akihabara, “that cool medieval castle” and “that golden shrine” *sigh*…I’ll just start the list.

So, in no particular order…

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Netflix’s Insatiable Made Me Angry (rant)

I’m not one to be easily offended by every other thing, so I wasn’t particularly bothered by the hate people had been giving a new Netflix trailer.

A great gal called Divya G happened to talk about it on YouTube and even decided to do a reaction video to the first episode. When I saw it in my subscription feed, I thought “Huh. Maybe it’s worth watching first episode before I watch her video.”

Let me tell you now that I didn’t even last for half the episode but boy, oh boy, did what I saw make me angry enough to rant…

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Ramen Review: Minimens (Despicable Me Minions themed ramen from Universal Studios Japan)

When I went to Japan (it’s been like five months now, but I’m still going to talk about it a little at some point), I happened to spend a day at Universal Studios Japan. Bearing in mind how much the Japanese seem to love Despicable Me’s annoying tiny yellow mascots, it’s no surprise my exchange partner considered a four-pack of their themed instant noodles to be a fitting gift.


A good chunk of my suitcase was taken up by this…

When I found out the price works out that each cup is only about the equivalent of about US$4-5 per cup (about the same as any other instant ramen in Japan), I have to admit that I couldn’t really complain about the existence of the concept.

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Ramen Review: Yamadai New Touch Nostalgic Vegetable Tanmen Ramen

So I learnt my lesson from the last one, and opted for a non-spicy flavour. I honestly just picked it up because it was cheap and didn’t look like it was trying to replicate the breath of a dragon. Oh, and also because I like tanmen (or, at least I liked it the one time I tried it nearly two years ago).

I literally know nothing else because this time, they haven’t cared to even put any English instructions other than a couple of diagrams, so who knows? Maybe I prepared it comepletely wrong.


You know you’re in trouble when the ther instructions have no numbers whatsoever.

Upon opening the pot, the seasoning hit me with a kind of nutty smell, like there was a bit of peanut butter in it, or something (again, no idea, since I can’t read the ingredients). The sweetcorn was…suspect but I gave it the benefit of the doubt as I poured hot water into the pot and covered it for about 3 minutes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, how’d it taste?

20180308_171623Honestly…I don’t really know how to explain. It was kind of salty and kind of trying to be a little bit spicy, but doesn’t even compare to plain at Nando’s.  It did have a flavour though, just not a very strong one.

Despite that, it was pretty good. I’d say that the people at Yamadai did a pretty good job. The extremely mild taste is actually quite refreshing, especially in the heatwave we’ve been experiencing recently in England.

Would I buy it again? Probably yeah, if I can find it. I actually haven’t seen it in the shops near me since I bought it, actually quite a while ago, now.

In a nutshell: Not much flavour, but still refreshing.

I don’t know if this will be the last post for another month, but I do actually have quite a few things I want to talk about on here at the moment. I guess it will depend on how much work I have to do…